xamarin tableview viewcell backgroundcolor - xamarin

I have a problem with my viewcell with StackLayout. I want to change the backgroundcolor during runtime. The problem i have is that when the user tap on the viewcell. The background color only take effect when you scroll the tableview. Can someone please help with this problem


How to Hide Tabbar Top Border color in IOS Xamarin.forms

I have Changed the Tabbar selected text color by using the below code. But I don't know how to hide the tabbar top border color in xamarin.forms ios.
UITabBar.Appearance.SelectedImageTintColor = UIColor.FromRGB(247, 148, 30);
Set this in AppDelegate , it works perfectly on my side.
UITabBar.Appearance.BackgroundImage = new UIImage();
UITabBar.Appearance.ShadowImage = new UIImage();

Xamrin - My android buttons look awful

I'm doing what I thought would be fairly simple using cross platform.
I created some buttons and set the Image property to use some button images my co-worker created. In iOS, they look as expected:
However in Android, there's a shadow border of sorts around every button and they seem to be set to some rectangular size that I'm not explicitly setting:
I've tried pretty much every property I could find on the xamarin button class and I'm having no luck. BorderWidth, BorderColor and BorderRadius don't appear to do anything. Can anyone tell me how to get rid of all the grey borders and size them properly?
Thanks in advance.
What you are seeing it the button itself, not the button border.
You could set the button color to transparent, but you will have a button border, and the width is unaffected as by default it will auto-expand based upon the layout container that it is within.
To override that behavoir, one option is to set the LayoutOptions of its HorizontalOptions, or you could embed the buttons into a grid, etc...
In the case of Xamarin icon which is 72 pixel wide:
new Button {
Image = "icon.png",
WidthRequest = 72,
HeightRequest = 72,
BackgroundColor = Color.Transparent,
HorizontalOptions = LayoutOptions.Start

Change BorderColor of clicked item (itemrenderer) in List

Hello I want to set the BorderColor of certain Item Renderers (textInput) of a List. By default all have a common border color, but I want for example when clicking in an item to have a red border.
I tried this on a click event in my itemRenderer,
mytextInput.setStyle("color", 0xDDDDDD);
But it does not seem to work.
Any help.
As far as you're extending Spark TextInput control all the problems of that kind should be solved using skins. Create custom skin with the border you like.

resizable Grid Row and Grid Item

I have an mx:Grid component in my flex application. But I would like to resize it by clicking and dragging in the border. This component doesn't allow doing that. Does anybody know any custom component to do this?
I want to put a panel in each gridItem of this Grid component and resize it.
I solved it!
I have used a resizable custom component inside GridItem and now the gridItem sets its width and heigth same as custom component.

Slide UIWebView over a ImageView (like safari)

I think the title says everything about my problem.
The ImageView is not in the UIWebView.
I want that the ImageView is pushed up by the WebView.
It's actually pretty simple. If you go into your storyboard (or nib) and choose the the webView and choose a color for it's background property, anytime you scroll above the view that background color would appear. So all you need to do is load an image for that background color.
In your viewDidLoad method, place this bit of code:
self.webView.backgroundColor = [UIColor colorWithPatternImage:[UIImage imageNamed:#"background.png"]];
and where it says background.png
just put the image name that you loaded into your project.
Hope this helps!