Cannot open file in Spyder editor; only getting linux error: setNativeLocks failed: “No locks available” - python

I'm trying to access my files on the Spyder 3.2.8 editor, but any time I double-click on the file the editor freezes and I can't navigate it. Meanwhile, the error: setNativeLocks failed: "No locks available" continuously pops up in the Linux terminal I open Spyder with.
For some context, I did recently update from version 3.1.4 to 3.2.8. I also mainly use my own environment I created in anaconda, but the result is the same inside or outside the environment. I've reinstalled/reset spyder, and restarted my computer.
Any help is appreciated.


Pycharm's “Attach to Local Process” Won't Connect

I'm having troubles getting PyCharm to connect to a local process. I cloned this project, and ran it from a terminal. Then, I went into PyCharm and ran "Attach to local process" while selecting Python 2.7 as the debug interpreter. Unfortunately, PyCharm just continues to try and connect to the client which I presume is the application.
I'm running this on Sierra (10.12.5), would appreciate any help, thanks!

Windows service for Python app can't run

I made a Python app with Pycharm on my Windows 10, and now I'm trying to make a Windows service for it. I followed the code in the link below to do it:
The only changes I made was change the execfile(filepath) into exec(open(filepath).read()) due to the fact the former doesn't exist for Python 3.6. I then had to install the Windows Service file using this code in the command line:
python install
However, when I try to do that, I get a popup window that says "This app can't run on your pc" with the command line saying "Access denied" once I close it.
Some important info is that I'm using a virtual environment that I made in the Pycharm project interpreter for these apps, and in order to include the proper imported modules I need to use the python.exe in the virtual environment itself, not the python.exe from the Python that I downloaded for my computer. However, I'm still getting that error, even though this is on my own account which is the administrator, these are apps that I made, and I'm running the command line as an administrator.
Perhaps I need to do this with the Python I downloaded myself on my computer, but that would require me to pip install pywin32 myself. Does anyone have a solution to this? My computer is 64-bit and I'm using Python-3.6. I can't show the app I'm trying to make a Windows service itself due to several reasons, but hopefully this question won't require knowledge of that. Thanks.

“pythonw.exe has stopped working” crashing error after launching anaconda

After launching anaconda, python crashes with message "pythonw.exe has stopped working".
Please find error screenshot here
I had downloaded some packages(nltk). And after that my anaconda stopped working.
It is giving me Navigator Error :
An Unexpected error occurred on Navigator startup
Tried reinstalling the anaconda,
Also reboot the system,
Fired 'conda update anaconda-navigator' command.
But does not worked.
Access Denied errors usually mean a process is trying to open a file that's already open, or the program doesn't have sufficient permission from Windows to read the particular file.
In this case, it looks like the anaconda-navigator package is having trouble. Look at the python scripts mentioned in the error trace (, line 108 and, line 348) and try to find out what file it is trying to open. Then, go to that file in Windows Explorer and give whatever user pythonw.exe is running under (probably your user account, or possibly the Administrators group) permission to read that file. Depending on what navigator's trying to do, it might need write permissions as well. See here for more info on Windows File permissions.

Python IDLE doesn't work because python.exe is missing

When I try to open .py files with IDLE (right click and "edit with IDLE"), Windows will ask whether to use python.exe to open this file. If I choose python, IDLE won't start properly.
If I use "open with" and navigate to Python27\Lib\idlelib\idle.bat I'll get an error:
Windows cannot find 'C:\Python27\Lib\idlelib....\pythonw.exe
If I start IDLE from start menu, Windows will open the installer and say "Please wait while Windows configures Python 2.7.13 (64-bit)" and if I have the Python installation file available, it will say "Error writing to file C:\Python27\pythonw.exe".
Starting IDLE from CMD (eg. >>python.exe C:\Python27\Lib\idlelib\ works normally.
I don't see pythonw.exe under C:\Python27\. Should it be there and how would it delete itself?
I'm using Windows 10 and this issue started a while back. I did a complete reinstall of python and packages and the issue was fixed for a short while, but it returned today.
Okay, I've installed Process Monitor and set up filters to monitor the Python folder. Turns out Avast has been busy deleting pythonw.exefor a couple of months now.
It happened sparsely in the beginning, but last 12 deletes were from the past few days.

[pycharm remote python console]: “cannot connect to X server” error with import pandas

I configured a remote python interpreter for PyCharm and connected with SSH credentials. The whole setup works fine, except when I try to import any python library which uses Qt, such as pandas or matplotlib.
I put a screenshot of the remote python console with this error. When I separately ssh into the remote system the same import commands work fine.
I am using Anaconda on the remote server to install all python libraries. I checked the pyqt is installed too.
Can anyone help me figure this out?
what worked is, I installed a GUI in the remote system. Then installed vnc and configured it by running vncserver. Which gives a display number, say 5.0. I then put the environment variable in PyCharm to DISPLAY=:5.0 in the project settings. That worked, and any plot command goes to that display, which I can view with vnc client.
There is still an error: Xlib: extension "RANDR" missing on display ":5.0" But as mentioned by #Hamish Moffatt, it can be ignored.