How to import 3D model into python GUI desktop software - python

Is there any way that I can import a 3D model(Revit Model) to a pyqt-programed GUI software by using some python third-package? I didn't find any solutions in how to import 3D model into PyQt's GUI software. I hope to import 3D model into a GUI software and visualize it using 3D views in this PyQt-programed GUI software

Revit typically outputs several CAD-based file formats (you did not explicitely mention the exact file format of your Revit files: DXF?, DWF? etc). So you need a Python package able to deal with CAD data. I would recommend pythonOCC


How to export a blender file and open it in PyOpenGL?

I have a 3-D object I created in blender. I would like to export it from blender and be able to import it into OpenGL. Is there a method or specific file extension recommended for this process?
From Here:
Use obj files. Simple text files that describe a 3d model. Then in opengl load the data into vertex arrays, and display using openGL. There is also window management to take care of.
Try python SDL and/or pygame to get you started.
Here is a link to jump start you:

Which formats of 3D models are supported by Qt to use with OpenGL?

Qt is involved here so I want to know which 3D models does Qt support when it works with OpenGL?
Is there a list somewhere of the 3D model formats supported by Qt?
which 3D models does openGL support when it works with Qt?
None and everything!
There's nothing "special" when using OpenGL in a Qt application. The QtOpenGL wrappers are just convenience functions that help with context and function pointer management.
OpenGL by itself has no(!) support for 3D models whatsoever. It just draws points, lines and triangles by the programmers commands. The programmer (you) is programming a general purpose computing machine and thereby you can read and draw the contents of whatever 3D model format you're able to write a parser and OpenGL drawing code for; and by the virtue of running on general purpose hardware this is: Every 3D model format.
Of course it puts the burden on you to actually program it. That there is Qt involved does not matter at all.

How to import SketchUp models into After Effects CS6

I'm having a hard time finding a way to get SketchUp models from Google's 3D warehouse into After Effects CS6.
As this tutorial describes, in AE CS5.5 and before, it was possible to find a .kmz file in Google's 3D warehouse, open that in Photoshop, save it as a .psd file, and then open that .psd file in After Effects.
However, Adobe now states that "In After Effects CS6, support for 3D object layers in PDS [sic?] files is no longer supported."
After Effects CS6 can apparently import SoftimagePIC, RLA, RPF, OpenEXR, and Electric Image EI 3D models.
How can I get a .skp or .kmz SketchUp file into one of these formats? I've tried SketchUp 7 and 8, but both can only save as .skp. Blender supports a larger number of filetypes but I haven't found one that After Effects will recognize yet.
Alternatively, is there a resource for simple free 3D models in a format that After Effects CS6 can import?
Any guidance is much appreciated.
After effects can't import any model.
all you can do is to render stuff in your 3D app onto picture or video as you normally do, then do the same but render depth information as rpf. Then combine that in AE. you won't be able to change camera position but you'll be able to apply 3d effects such as light.
But to export stuff in a way AE will recognise you need expensive app such as 3dmax or cinema4d. Free stuff like sketchup, or even pro version of it is just a joke, not a real 3D app.
it's possible.
in case you're still searching - or in case somebody lands here:
first export object data from sketchup to blender:
then from blender to AE:

Is it possible to import a 3D model into pyglet?

Me and a friend are working on an openGL game written in python, using the pyglet library.
Now we finished the map drawing code, and have come to a point where we need to import some models that will be displayed on the map. Pyglet doesn't seem to support it, apart from some old SVN code, apparently (I googled a bit around with not much luck). Does anyone know a good python script/library that can import 3D models?
Open Asset Import Library (Assimp) supports ~35 different 3D file formats.
It has python bindings in its repository, but I don't know for sure if they're up-to-date and feature-complete. Still, assimp might be worth a try (even though I am not unbiased since i'm one of its founders).
There are 3D models and 3D models. The ease of import will depend on the complexity of the model and which format you have the model data in. Blender includes several python scripts to import model data into blender specific mesh, and export to other formats. You can look there for inspiration.

How Do I Import a 3D Object into Adobe Flex?

I wanted to know if anyone here knows how to import a 3D Object (i.e. Maya 3D Model) into Adobe Flex Application? I needed to create a simple Flex application which will allow me to rotate the 3D Object by dragging but I cannot seem to start doing it because I'm having a hard time trying to figure out how I can import my 3D model into Flex.
This is exactly what I wanted to do: 3D Object in Flex
I hope someone can help me. Thanks a lot :)
There are at least 3 ways to do this:
Using a Flash Player 10 Collada Parser:
flash player 10 collada parser
Using Flex+Papervision3D and an exported 3d model
Using Flex+Away3D and an exported 3d model
You can export Collada from Maya and most 3d packages out there(3dsmax, cinema4d, blender, etc.). Aside from Kris Temmerman's Collada Parser, both Papervision3D and Away3D have importers for Collada + many other formats(obj, 3ds, kmz, etc.)
Make your choice if you want to use an as3 library or not, then load your model.
Once the model is loaded, you can can control the rotation and write your arcball implementation.